Golden Spoon Banaba Herbal Tea


100% natural, refreshing, authentic traditional Asian tea.

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Golden Spoon Banaba Herbal Tea

Golden Spoon Banaba Herbal Tea is 100% natural, refreshing, authentic and is a traditional Asian tea. m

Golden Spoon Banaba Herbal Tea is made of pure, natural hand picked banaba leaves, organically grown and carefully processed to maintain its hygienic state to prevent the loss of important healing components.

Banaba tea is traditionally known for helping lower blood sugar level, and is good for high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems and gall bladder stones and helps lose weight.

Its purgative properties also help in expelling abdominal toxins.

Put one teabag into a cup. Pour Fresh boiling water, leave tea to infuse for 1-2 minutes or boil one teabag in 2-3 minutes. Add sugar or lemon if desired.

12 Teabags

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